Top 3 Games For Your Smartphone

Top 3 Games For Your Smartphone

Online fun games are one of the best ways to pass time and have fun. Many people have gone online to find great games to play with their pals or buddies. Most of the popular online games are based on adventure, sports, puzzle, cooking, racing, and others. One can also play online games by joining the numerous social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, etc.

The fun that one can experience from playing online free games is simply incomparable to that of going out with friends to have a good time. The free games online can help all kinds of people to improve their social skills by forming new friendships and dating relationships. One can easily find the kind of game he likes to play by browsing through various websites. Most of the popular games on the internet are available for free and many other websites offer free games as an option.

One of the most interesting fun online poker games is the online game called jackpot games. It is a flash game that can be enjoyed by everyone. One can either play it alone or with his/her friends in order to enjoy a wonderful time together. The flash game Jackbox is extremely adventurous that its character Jack, who controls everything within the game world and its environment.

One of the coolest and most enjoyable things about Jackbox games is that it allows you to go ahead in time and control your movements according to the storyline and the situation. One can control his/her actions either in the present time or future. You can create your own profile in which you can let your friends / buddies see your every move and decide whether you should go ahead or not.

Another cool game free online for you to enjoy is the addictive game named Candy Sudoku. This cool game gives you an amazing chance to work your brain with strategy. As you start playing, you’ll quickly find out that this game is very addicting as it will urge you to try your hands on every level to finish it and move on to higher levels. You get to see your friends as well as enemies in this game. You also get to earn stars and earn new levels with every correct answer.

The free games that are made for the iPhone, iPad and the Android offer you a chance to play along with your friends via internet. One of the most exciting things about these free games is that you are given an excellent gaming experience on your mobile phone handset. Hence, if you are fond of playing mind-benders and have a sweet tooth at the same time, then this free online game called escape game is perfect for you.

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