Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group

Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group

Contractors are also required to carry Workers Compensation insurance. This is something you should carry anyway as it is essential coverage for your employees, regardless of what state you live in. We’re often less expensive and easier to do business with than other insurance companies. We’re also part of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group, the nation’s largest New York general liability company in terms of assets. You may know Berkshire Hathaway as the company started by Warren Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest businesspeople.

Someone gets injured on site and asks you to pay for medical expenses. Give us a call, stop by, or request a quote online to find out how much we can save you on your insurance. I have always been able to rely on Judith to advise and properly cover all of my insurance needs.

Our number one product is service; service specifically designed to reduce your losses and control your insurance costs. Our commitment is to provide clients with the best insurance value and service available, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and credibility with our clients, carriers, and the public. Workers compensation insuranceis required in New York if you have even just one employee. However, you can still buy workers comp coverage for yourself if you want to (you should!). Any small business owner should have general liability insurance at the very least before someone files a lawsuit against you. And there is no cap on damages in New York, a small lawsuit without insurance protection will easily bankrupt your LLC business.

Arts and RecreationRead up on New York arts and recreation commercial insurance. Property Damage– damage caused by you or an employee to someone else’s property. In 2018, private sector businesses accounted for about 70% of New York state’s 200,600 non-fatal workplace injuries. Incidents like these can disrupt operations and threaten output, cashflow, assets and more. Keep your building, inventory and equipment protected from fire or water damage.

These policies cover the expense of out-of-court settlements, litigation and judgments awarded by courts. In our litigious society, more and more businesses are being sued due to issues like libel, slander, property damage, and bodily injury, just to name a few. Apart from that, businesses can be sued even when they have not done anything wrong. That is why your business requires general liability insurance protection. Commercial auto insurancehelps pay the costs of a car accident if you or your employee is in a collision while driving a covered vehicle for work. For instance, if your employee hits a pedestrian while driving, this coverage can help pay for the pedestrian’s medical bills.

New York mandates that employers provide employee disability coverage to provide disability income for employee off-the-job illness or injury for up to six months, starting on the seventh day of an illness or injury. We include business income insurancein our Business Owners’ Policy, but you can also buy the policy on its own. The most influential factor, however, is the type of work that you do. Businesses are typically rated on the exposures that are unique to their industry. High-risk professions like tree trimmers and manufacturers can expect to pay more for coverage.

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