Most Fun Games for Girls

Most Fun Games for Girls

Make-Up Games is great fun. They help families to relax and bond, and they keep children’s imaginations lit up. Below, we’ve listed ten of our favourite most fun games for family makeover parties.

MAKE-UP MONEY. This is probably one of my all time favourite bandarq online fun games. If you own a good assortment of facial make up, this is also one of the most fun games in a set. It’s simple: take a pile of paper, and in one go, create a real money making machine out of it – i.e. outline the make up and price, draw funny faces on it, add pimples and zits if required.

MAKE- UP GIRLS. Kids love this kind of fun games. In this simple game, each player receives a pack of lipstick/ blush/ eyeliner/ mascara. The object is to get as many different girls to buy the same color makeup from the pack as you do. The first one to do this gets to keep the pack.

MAKE- UP SCENarios. This one is simple enough to explain, and yet still lots of fun. In this game, players are presented with a make up scenario, and the idea is that they must try to match make up to the picture on the cards. Time limit is the key – the more time you can spend in matching make up, the higher your score.

SHARK CAMPAGE. OK, this one isn’t actually a game, but it fits right in here because it deals with a very important theme, which is the water. The premise is that two players are in an ocean-like scenario, and all interaction is via the use of a fishy smelling marker (matching your make up to the scent) and a camera which points into the water. Different colored fish move around the water based on how they smell, and you are the judge – the last man standing becomes the winner.

dodgeball and bubble bluster are other examples of fun games for girls, both old and new. For those who are girls, you can’t go wrong playing the original bubble bluster game, although some variations have been made where you don’t throw anything but bubbles at your opponent’s. There are also versions with very funny themes, such as that of pin the nose on the clown. For those who prefer to play something a little bit more classic, there is no shortage of choices, as well. No genre is left untouched, which means that regardless of your age or gender, you will be able to find a great game for everyone to enjoy.

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