Is Online Video Games for Teens Good For Them?

Is Online Video Games for Teens Good For Them?

Online video games are video games that can be played on the Internet or on any other interactive computer network. Some video games are free to download and play; however, others require that the player to purchase certain licenses or membership benefits before they can legally play the game. There are literally hundreds of online video games available today. The sheer volume of new games makes it hard for any gamer to decide which games to buy.

Gaming platforms such as Facebook, Zynga, Playdom, etc. are some of the most popular online video games on the Internet. Social media platform play an important role in influencing which games become successful. By using social media platforms such as Facebook, Zynga, and Playdom you are able to create a community around your gaming platform; this allows for in-game communication between players. You can read the information here

However, as many video games require a user’s real-life contact details such as their name, email address, etc. this form of online multiplayer gaming can also cause privacy concerns. Concerns about identity theft have grown significantly due to the popularity of multiplayer online video gaming platforms like Facebook. Social media users may inadvertently reveal their identity to other players if they choose to reveal this information. Therefore, multiplayer online video gaming may not be the solution to the problem of privacy, rather may lead to greater levels of self-isolation.

For boys, playing video games is common and this is especially true with the current trend of the “roid rage” – boys chasing girls. This trend has increased exponentially with the development of downloadable video games for the PC and consoles. Unfortunately, this trend also includes the practice of “scamming,” which involves deceiving parents into buying a video game system that does not provide the advertised benefits. Many of these video games are used by teens to learn skills and strategies for games they want to play in the future.

As a result, boys are becoming increasingly more isolated from society at large. They will not be able to participate in many outdoor games due to their fears about being scammed and having their personal information stolen. Online multiplayer video games will exacerbate this situation and provide the means for teens to socially interact with each other. Many teen boys play video games that require hand-eye coordination and strategy skills. In addition, they will find other players to be challenging and enjoy competing against them. As a result, they will be developing social and team-building skills that will benefit them throughout their life.

On the other hand, girls are beginning to develop an interest in video games that allows them to escape from the day-to-day problems they face. However, there is still a strong interest in the games among teens, particularly girls. However, it is clear that there is no gender gap when it comes to gaming. Regardless of which type of game a teen chooses to play, the overwhelming majority of teens report that playing them gives them time to relax, interact with friends, and improve their education.

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