Month: April 2022

Engine Remapping, Tuning & Calibration

The more the car is pushed the more likely the results can be unpredictable to you, the driver. Performance Tuning has become a big industry over the last 15 years and with our in house developers we are most definitely at the forefront of the industry for Engine Tuning and ECU Remaps. It requires mechanical […]

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Julian Dunkerton

After initially auditioning for Harry Potter when he was 11, he was cast in an independent horror film at 15. He continued his participation in school theater productions and eventually was recruited to work with the off-Broadway Atlantic Theater Company. Brandt scored his first Bundesliga goal for Borussia Dortmund in his first match, a 5–1 […]

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Tangle-Barbs, or a Nami bubble

As landing the Hookshot, you should be able to E or Ult your opponent. StrongNo CC to set up a kill and you wouldn’t want to set up the kill as Neeko. Really depends on the match up with the 2v2 but the Odds are low. IdealElise can help with the easy tower dives on […]

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